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How can you is shop for green products all in one place?  By shopping ethically at the Green Festival.  By bringing tons of gift ideas – from Tagua jewelries to telephone wire handicrafts to other fair trade products by artisans.  Frankly, you’ll sure to find something for yourself or for you love ones.

This event is not just for green shopping; Green Festival also brings awareness to the public about what real eco-friendly lifestyle is.

This 3-day event will be filled with fun and exciting activities that aim to educate the people about the greener ways.  You’ll delight with inspirational speakers, hands-on demos as well as live music and entertainment.  So you better get ready for some serious explosive green goodness fun!!!

Green Shopping

Basically, green shopping is shopping for ethical fair trade or eco-friendly products over tons of other products in the market.  It’s about buying with consideration, consideration for what it really costs to bring this product in the market. These words by Benjamin Harrison is worth remembering before picking something off the rack the next time you go shopping, “I pity the man who wants a coat so cheap that the man or woman who produces the cloth will starve in the process.”

We have to keep in mind that in sustainable development, the world works as a system.  Our actions or non actions have an accompanying effect to all other things.

This means that even our shopping habits play a role in what kind of world we are leaving behind to our children.  For instance, supporting the fair trade artisans or farmers who are producing goods in eco-friendly and sustainable ways will not only benefit these very same people but will also ensure that the environment is protected as well. Whenever we choose to buy ethical products, the artisans and farmers behind it are given an opportunity for a decent livelihood that will empower them to provide a better living condition, meet medical needs, afford a sustainable lifestyle and even provide education for their children.


I really love how Anna Lappé puts it, “Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want.” This is very true; the power to dictate what kind of world we want is in our hands.  If we, as consumers will demand and only want ethical fair trade products then producers will have not much choice but to give in to our demands.  This will give a fair chance to artisans and farmers from all over the world to participate fairly in the market.  A sustainable development is possible; we just have to learn to stand up for something we truly believe in.

Green Fare, It’s Time to Go Green!

You’ll be surprised at how a simple effort on our part could affect the dynamics of our relationship to the environment.  The simple act of shopping can bring changes to the world.  So, it’s time to go green and start green shopping.  




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