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Spreading Ocean Awareness -The Blue Marble Project

Blue Marble Project

The Blue Marble Project is a simple campaign designed to reach every single person in the world one blue marble at a time.  It conveys the message of gratitude for your act of kindness to our blue planet which also resonate our love towards one another and respect of the fact that we do share this earth, the only home we know, with one another.

The brilliant idea is started by Dr. Wallace J. Nichols.  He is a scientist, an activist, a community organizer, an author and also a father.  Dr. Nichols or simply ‘J’ works to inspire a deeper connection with nature, through walking and talking, or writing or images. He is committed to building a stronger, more progressive and connected environmental community.

If you want to be a part of this cool project simply share a ‘blue’ marble to a person whom you believe is doing something good for the planet, it’s a sign of gratitude.  Then you encourage that person to do the same and pass the blue marble on.  You can then share your story with the world however you like. 

Preferably of course, share your photo with your blue marble, that way we somehow connect with each other!  You’ll be amazed to see where these blue marbles have been to and who have touched them so far.


Why a blue marble?

The Blue Marble the famous photo of the earth taken from the moon by astronauts.  That is how our home looks like when viewed from the outer space – a glowing marble of blue oceans and green forest.  Hold a blue marble at arm’s length in front of you, and it will be like looking into earth from million miles away.

My blue marbles have been to many places and I have shared them with many people across the planet.

We love the ocean, my family love to surf and we just love the beach!  We’re living an eco-friendly lifestyle and support social awareness about green living and protecting our environment.  Whoever or wherever you are, you can do something to lessen carbon footprints in our planet. 

Try to walk or bicycling whenever possible as opposed to just jumping into your car whenever you need to be somewhere else.  Mind your trash, no matter small or tiny piece it is.  Be wary of the materials you’re using, opt for biodegradable stuff. 

For instance, I took a chance and tried affiliate marketing which is just one of the perfect home business ideas and opportunities for women.  It’s simply awesome and doing really great for me!  I’m now working from home and glad to say that I no longer take part in producing carbon footprints along with other commuters.

 Be appreciative of the planet we live in, yes that’s a good start actually.  Once you realize what we have been blessed with and how precious and how vulnerable this planet is, then perhaps you’ll start paying attention and be more caring and responsible. 

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