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Ocean Awareness: It’s Our Turn to Take Care of the Ocean

The ocean has been providing us not just food and water but even recreation and livelihood.  Its abundance is simply immeasurable but it’s disheartening to know that not only do people are taking more than he needs but is also showing no regard at all.  Evidently, people lack ocean awareness.

create awareness


We, humans, are dooming the ocean

Our ocean today is experiencing a phenomenal degradation – pollution, declined fisheries, destroyed marine habitat and the effects of climate changes.

All brought upon by man.

We become so greedy that we take more than we need.  We became so greedy that we only care about ourselves, about our business, or about comfort.

You’ll be surprised at how many big companies are dumping their waste into the ocean – untreated waste, sometimes even toxic.

We have grown to show no disregard with energy consumption, never cared about fossil fuel burning; we only want to have power.

Beach resorts are like mushrooms growing everywhere, altering the natural beachscape, building hotels, providing every imaginable water sports, all without regard to the ocean.  People are so used to using throw-aways or disposables, and plastics but lack the will to dispose it properly.

As long as we’re comfortable, it never occurs to us to question or care for any of these.  We have food, we’re good.  We’re all warm and cozy at home, we’re good.   We’re having the best time vacationing, we’re good.

Clearly, we lack ocean awareness.


If we’ll only look, we’ll see

Have you seen the photos of surfers encountering massive trash ‘surfing’ with them?

trash in ocean

Image courtesy of www.zaknoyle.com

Have you seen the photos of marine animals, sick, disfigured, dying or worst dead, because they got caught up with trash or mistakenly taken it for food?

ocean awareness

Image courtesy of www.greenchipstocks.com

Have you seen the studies or news about fish, (yes, the ones we’re serving to our family) containing alarming levels of mercury?

mercury in food

Image courtesy of www.groundtruthtrekking.org

Haven’t we seen enough?



Show gratitude by creating ocean awareness

Yes, we should have been more thankful to the abundance the ocean has always been providing us.  And yes, we really messed it up so bad that we’re now feeling the effects of our own doing.

But, NOW, will be a good time to start making changes.

What you do will matter.  Don’t underestimate your power.  You can change the world by starting with yourself.

Show your gratitude to the ocean by being more responsible with disposing your trash.  Create ocean awareness – to your family, to your friends, to your community – until our collective forces will be enough to protect our ocean from the ‘big’ offenders.

Let’s create ocean awareness by being proactive, by letting our voices heard – until we’re loud enough that they couldn’t ignore us.

The ocean takes care of us.  Now it’s our turn now to do the same.

Let’s show our gratitude, let’s create ocean awareness.



Lisa Burnham is an artist-ecoactivist-entrepreneur mom to two wonderful kids and wife to a surfer!  She teaches for 25 years to children of all ages, has an art education and speaks Spanish, pretty well, too!  This mom loves traveling, gardening and anything green!  She lives in San Francisco, California just a block away from the ocean.  And she has a pitbull named Irie.

Lisa is living the life - enjoying freedom and embracing a more meaningful life while creating a sustainable business that keeps her mobile and free!  Connect with her and start your own journey towards the realization of your dream life!

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