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How to Save The Environment Through Fair Trade

Save The Environment Now

Focus should be given on how we can save environment now given its state and the people’s mindset when it comes to conservation and preservation.  With the ever growing population worldwide come the accompanying problem of trash pollution and the incessant demand of people to require more from the environment.  The numbers are growing but our planet is not expanding – the more reason why we need to do something to save environment now.  Raising awareness about how our actions are affecting the environment will create understanding as to how we can save environment by taking responsibility.  We can start by being a conscious consumer and supporting fair trade products.

Save Environment by Supporting Fair Trade

Did you know that a key principle of the World Fair Trade Organization states the protection and conservation of our natural resources?  With that, there are guidelines as well as Environmental Standards that needed to be met by farmers who would like to participate in fair trade.  The standards aim to protect the environment so that we can preserve and conserve it for more generations to come.  There are guidelines are set from the treatment of the soil and water to non use of GMOs and agrochemicals.  The farmers are given financial incentives and resources for adhering to standards – that is for organic conversion, reforestation, water conservation as well as environmental education.

Save Environment by Being Aware

It’s safe to say that buying fair trade goods also save environment.  Farmers are starting to treat our natural resources more wisely, respectfully and economically because of the education and additional knowledge brought upon by fair trade cooperatives.  They are now enlightened to the fact that these natural resources will provide for their livelihood, their children’s education and even their family’s health care.  As a sign of gratitude it’s only proper that we care and save environment in return.

Fair Trade empowers the farmers through funding and incentives.  It means that they no longer have to result into their old ways – carelessly farming with no regards to deforestation, erosion or the impact of their pesticides to people and the water system.  Knowing that they can fairly join the trade market by making a living while protecting the environment – there is no reason why they will not choose to embrace the new ways.

Fair Trade is making an impact to the lives of people by providing them the means of livelihood while at the same time helping to save environment through awareness and education.  In Fair Trade, we can assure that producers or the farmers are being paid accordingly, being protected by working in a safe environment and are being educated with the needed information to push through further with their chosen means of livelihood.  Fair Trade also ensures that mother earth is being protected by promoting a more sustainable eco-friendly lifestyle to save environment.

Lisa Burnham is an artist-ecoactivist-entrepreneur mom to two wonderful kids and wife to a surfer!  She teaches art for 25 years to children of all ages, has an art education and speaks Spanish, pretty well, too!  This mom loves traveling, gardening and anything green!  She lives in San Francisco, California just a block away from the ocean.  And she has a pitbull named Irie.

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