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Plastic Bags Ban in California

Image Source: losangeles.cbslocal.com

Plastic Bags: Statewide Ban Approved by California Lawmakers

California is definitely getting greener; the newly approved bill by Democratic Senator Alex Padilla of Los Angeles which prohibits the use of single-use plastic bags in California is another triumphant effort toward a more eco-friendly lifestyle.  The bill states that in 2015 grocery stores and large pharmacies will not be allowed to use single-use plastic bags and will later include convenience stores as well in 2016.  Manufacturers are also given 2-million dollars worth of loans to help them shift from manufacturing plastic bags to reusable bags.

California is known for its unyielding efforts to always come up with programs and projects that aim to reduce environmental foot print – from creating awareness about trash management to promoting a more eco-friendly lifestyle like the bike share program for instance.

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Plastic Bags and Trash Pollution

A large percentage of trash pollution that eventually leads to our ocean is made of plastics and common source of these plastics came from our everyday use of plastic bag from grocery stores, shopping malls, and others.  If you don’t have any idea on how much plastic your family is consuming on a weekly basis, here’s a tip, track your plastic usage for 7 days and see for yourself.  You’ll be surprised to know at how we have become dependent on plastic usage (either consciously or unconsciously).

These plastics when not properly disposed off ends up in drainage systems and ultimately swims out into our ocean where it will float among marine lives for miles and miles and for years and years.  Oftentimes these plastic bags will be mistaken for food or become a fatal trap for fishes, and turtles and even birds!  Let’s not forget that plastics are non biodegradable, that plastics are forever.

Awareness about reducing, reusing, recycling and upcycling these plastic bags helps tremendously in the efforts to save ocean, to save environment.  But prohibiting its use altogether is definitely the smarter choice!  Imagine the plastics that we can spare our ocean.  Imagine the marine animals that we can save from fatalities.  Imagine a greener earth that we can leave behind to our children.

Plastic Bags Ban Now a Reality

It took years before a statewide plastic bag ban turn into a reality.  Being the eco-activist mom that I am, I take pride that it happens during my lifetime.  It fills my heart with joy knowing and seeing for myself that we can really make change a possibility. I’m positive that other states will later join in the efforts to save the environment and leave a greener planet to future generations by banning the use of plastic bags.

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