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Go Green, Choose Green!

Green is the new black!!! Awareness about the current state of our environment, of our sole blue planet, is now gradually making progress. In fact yesterday, September 22, hundreds of thousands gathered in New York for the international day of protest on climate change.  Another way of supporting environmental causes such as this one is by choosing to go green and embracing a more eco-friendly lifestyle.  In order to go green, you have to make a conscious effort to always choose green – it involves knowing and learning what greening really means.  It goes beyond the color or a small tag saying ‘eco-friendly.’  To go green you have to prepare yourself to a process that will involve work and effort on your part.

Go Green, Stay Green!

You can gradually ease into green living one step at a time – you don’t have to go green all the way in an instant - as mentioned above, it is a process not a status.  Realistically speaking, green living takes patience and dedication more than the average whim to jump into the bandwagon.  Sure, being green sounds cool, and it is actually cool!  But drinking your coffee from a mug that says ‘green living’ or sporting a bag that says ‘recycled’ doesn’t make you green– again, green is not a status, it’s a process.

These could be a good start though, call it your first step into the process.  It means somehow you are aware, you know green and open to the prospect of choosing green.  You embrace the fact that we are ultimately responsible for this blue planet.  That our actions or non-actions today will determine the state of the environment that we’re living behind for the future generation.

Make the conscious effort now to educate and bring awareness to yourself. Know the impact of your actions, your lifestyle, and habits to the environment. It may sound easy to pull out the ignorance card and take defense for not knowing – but with so many information now available in just a few clicks over the internet, it’s getting harder and harder to get away with it.  It’s time that we take responsibility for our actions (or non-actions).

For instance, know the products you’re using – be a conscious consumer, know the real cost of what you are buying.  There are options, you don’t have to settle for what’s cheap or on sale or in fashion.  Make a conscious effort to conserve energy consumption – little acts when put together can go a long way, for example, unplugging appliances when not in use.  Learn to live simply, remember that less is more.  You’ll be surprised to know that you can survive with far too less of what you have today.

Go Green!

For a bluer planet, simply go green!

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Lisa Burnham is an artist-ecoactivist-entrepreneur mom to two wonderful kids and wife to a surfer!  She teaches art for 25 years to children of all ages, has an art education and speaks Spanish, pretty well, too!  This mom loves traveling, gardening and anything green!  She lives in San Francisco, California just a block away from the ocean.  And she has a pitbull named Irie.

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