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Eco Friendly Green Festival

An Eco Friendly Event

Green Festival is definitely one of the most awaited green events in US; in fact it’s the largest and longest-running sustainable and green living event in America.  Hundreds of retailers, wholesalers and small and big companies’ alike gather together to showcase their eco friendly products and services.  Green Festival is a powerful, unique and dynamic platform designed to purposely bridge the connection between the eco friendly suppliers and the conscious consumers.  This event definitely raises awareness about living a more eco friendly lifestyle that empowers the consumers as well as the men and women behind these green businesses.

Aside from the large display of the latest green products and services, there are also educational activities, hand-on demos, and inspirational speakers in the event.  Green Festival believes in sustainable development and encourages companies to adopt fair trade principles that will protect the environment and support community development at the same time.  Green Festival also ensures the consumers that participating companies are committed to environmental sustainability and work with staff and volunteers striving to make it a truly zero-waste event.

Eco Friendly Ways: A Green Commitment

Green Festival is serious about their green commitment ensuring to minimize the impact of the event in the environment.  They make sure that they create a fun and festive atmosphere without sacrificing the welfare of the environment thru the help of staff, volunteers and participants as well.

Resource recovery rate is improved my ensuring that attendees make use of the bins to properly dispose trash and volunteers and staff sorting waste as well.  For food vendors, only biodegradable or compostable food wares and utensils are used in sampling.  They are also particular with eco-friendly packaging and re-usable or recyclable materials in making signage and other booth materials.

You can also help Green Festival by bringing your own water container (instead of bottled waters) and dispose food ware and other items at the Resource Recovery Station.  To save energy, you can use public transport or carpooling whenever possible, better yet, come in bicycle.  And of course, remember to spread the message and bring awareness about sustainable living!

Eco Friendly Gathering to Celebrate Green Living

Visit Green Festival’s official page, www.greenfestivals.org to know more about them and see which cities they’re going to head next.  Give green a chance and take time to really embrace the process of becoming green for a more sustainable lifestyle – living simply with all things eco friendly.

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