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Rise Above Plastics: Environmental Awareness through Plastic Art Contest

Photo Source: www.rapmonth.org

Rise Above Plastics

This program, also known as RAP, is actually Surfrider Foundation’s way of raising awareness about plastic trash pollution and educating the public about the impact of plastics on marine environment.  Rise Above Plastics stresses the importance of reducing or eliminating the use of single use plastic products like bags or water bottles.  October is Rise Above Plastics month – and aside from the beach cleanup drives initiated by different chapters of Surfrider Foundation there is also a plastic art contest where participants are to create artworks using plastic trash that they have collected.  Now, that is simply amazing!

A Creative, Passionate and Green Mind Produces Eco-Friendly Artworks

For eco activist artists like me, it is simply a delight to be able to express creativity and passion through artworks using eco friendly materials, scrap, or trash – (yes, those eyesore, plastic trash that we don’t seem to lack these days).  Such artworks convey creativity and passion for protecting and conserving the environment.

This art competition by the program Rise Above Plastics inspires the public not just to participate in cleanup drives but to make use of art in affecting changes on how we view and use plastics in our daily activities and lifestyle.  Art – be it a sculpture, mosaic, etc – is a great way to grab people’s attention and an effective vehicle to leave a lasting impression especially on issues concerning environmental awareness.

In all honesty, I can’t literally wait to find out who will win this year’s plastic art contest – and of course see all the entries from fellow eco activist out there.  Good thing that the 3 winners: 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, will be announce on the 30th (Wednesday)!  In about 2 days, the winners will be finally revealed!

Rise Above Plastics: Making the Pledge to Reduce Plastic Footprint

There are ways on how we can reduce our plastic footprint – for starter, always keep in mind the 3R’s, reduce, reuse and recycle.  You can also add, ‘upcycle’ there and earth will be so much happier!  Step by step, you can reduce and ultimately refrain from using plastics (especially the single use ones) in your daily activities.  Sounds impossible?  Well, not really, in fact it’s very likely that with awareness and additional information, one can readily commit to living a greener lifestyle by using less and less (and less) plastics.  Once you opened your eyes and mind to the reality and severity of our current trash pollution situation, you’ll decide for yourself that we indeed have to act now and Rise Above Plastics.

Lisa Burnham is an artist-ecoactivist-entrepreneur mom to two wonderful kids and wife to a surfer!  She teaches art for 25 years to children of all ages, has an art education and speaks Spanish, pretty well, too!  This mom loves traveling, gardening and anything green!  She lives in San Francisco, California just a block away from the ocean.  And she has a pitbull named Irie.

Lisa is living the life - enjoying freedom and embracing a more meaningful life while creating a sustainable business that keeps her mobile and free!  Connect with her and start your own journey towards the realization of your dream life!

Connect with me at about.me/lisabnetwork

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