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The Green Seahorse’ Green Mission

The Green Seahorse’ Green Mission

The Green Seahorse, a green business certified under Green America’s rigorous standards, is committed to making organic and fair trade products available to the public – this online eco friendly retailer wants to raise awareness about green shopping and the importance of being a conscious consumer.  It’s about time that we care about the impact of our shopping habits to the environment, to other people and to the world in general.  We have to know the real cost of the product we’re buying and decide if the price we’re paying is really worth it.  We have to take accountability for the choices we’re making – Anna Lappe puts it beautifully,


The Green Seahorse aims to provide the option for the people to choose wisely – to shop ethically.  Green shopping can be your first step to supporting a sustainable development for a greener and better future for more generations to come.

The Green Seahorse and Fair Trade Products

The Green Seahorse proudly exhibits their collection of creative fair trade products made by artisans from all over the world and believes that supporting Fair Trade artisans and producers will help ease poverty both in developed and developing countries. 

Among the reasons why we should opt for Fair Trade products are:

  • Fair wages for the people behind every product
  • Ensures safe, healthy and participatory workplaces
  • Upholds practices that conserve and protect the environment
  • Respect cultural identity and gender equality
  • Supports medical, educational and other development projects in communities

What the Green Seahorse Offers

You can expect tons of eco friendly products, everything fair trade and guaranteed ethical - from Tagua Nut Jewelry collections to beautifully made artisan crafts.  Feast on green fashion accessories, such as bags, scarves, jewelries and so much more, green holiday and house ornaments and other green gift ideas!  

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