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How to Be Creative and Green

Harnessing Your Creativity to Be Greener

Harness the creativity in you and come up with amazing DIY projects using recyclable materials that children can participate in.  Through activities like these you can teach them about the importance of recycling and trash management as well.  You can make use of ordinary materials that they are commonly exposed to, say plastic water bottles or throwaways.  By using items that they are familiar with – they will have a deeper grasp of the reality and severity of trash population and hopefully will make them see as well the urgency of coming up with solutions to solve the problem.principles of true art

Using Arts to Combat Trash Pollution

Keep in mind that art changes people and people change the world, so you can get creatively green through meaningful arts project to raise environmental awareness to the public especially to young children.  Don’t underestimate the effect of arts to people; in fact make use of it to communicate the important message of saving our planet.  You can make it even sweeter by involving as much people as possible in the creating process – this will give them a sense of accountability, responsibility and pride at the same time.

You will be surprised to find out how young children can tend to be more receptive and proactive when it comes to doing something about trash pollution.  Children do have the innocence in them that sees things as it is, their thought process is quite simple - it’s not good to litter, period.  Compare to “it’s-not-good-to-litter-but-I’m-too-lazy-to-find-the-trash-can,” thought processing.  This is the very reason why it’s very important for us to set good examples and instill values in them especially at a young age.

creativity is contagious

Be Creative. Be Green

Use your creativity, look closely and you’ll find art in trash.  You can find a number of ways to create something out of what we would normally consider as trash.  In fact a lot of artists are now combining making arts and environmental activism into one where they showcase their artworks that are made from recyclable trash.

This form of environmental activism challenges ones creativity in coming up with artworks that will showcase not just their artistic capabilities but also convey their views and thoughts about the social problem of trash pollution.

So, get creative and green and save our planet by raising environmental awareness.  Have a good look around and find the arts hiding beneath that unsightly pile of trash.  Be free to express yourself through artworks and share it to the public.  Make art; make a statement, save the environment.

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