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Plastic Trash into Work of Art

An Artist’s Mission

It’s great to have artist like Claudio Garzón who turns plastic trash into works of art.  Yes, this amazing artist chooses to create green artworks.  While other people’s idea of walking along the beach or along the river involves collecting colorful stones, glasses or perhaps shells; Claudio’s is to pick up plastic trash that he can later use in creating art pieces.

Claudio Garzón in action

While he’s intent in recycling these plastics to create amazing artworks, he also wants to create awareness that will educate the people on how plastics are destroying our ocean and endangering marine lives.  He actually loves teaching children about the changes these little ones can make and how they can keep the ocean clean.  For Claudio Garzón, the whole idea is not just creating recyclable arts but to educate as well.

Facing the Problem of Trash Pollution

Claudio Garzón, artworks from trashSadly, trash pollution today is a global problem.  As to how we managed to trash this planet so badly is still incomprehensible to me.  Majority of trash pollution are actually plastics which is about 80 percent of the world's marine pollution.  Now, that’s a scary statistic.  We all know that plastics will not completely biodegrade.  It will just add up to water debris that endangers marine life and ultimately even that of ours.

It’s about time we accept the fact that plastics are endangering our lives.  It's a reality. We can no longer deny how irresponsible we have become in using throwaways - always choosing comfort and ease no matter the price earth has to pay.  We may deny and act innocent about our contribution to this ailing planet, but who are we kidding really?  What is already happening and what will happen to this earth in the future is our responsibility.

Claudio Garzón, art from plastic trash

Not Just An Artist

Suffice to say, Claudio Garzón is not just your ordinary artist.  He is passionate both with arts and with defending the ocean.  He’s using his artistry not just to create beautiful artworks or teach arts to children but to raise awareness as well about the importance of protecting the ocean.

Claudio Garzón, shark from plastic trashHis famous Plas Tikobots - science fiction robots that are made entirely from the plastics that he found, are generating buzz about marine life protection.  These Plas Tikobots are usually modeled after sea creatures such as turtles and sharks.  Through his amazing artworks, he’s enlightening and influencing the people to start caring and start showing gratitude to the ocean.

Planet earth is our home, it is our only home.  It’s about time we start taking responsibilities.  Let’s create awareness and start making changesDo what you can! You can start by creating something out of plastic trash just like Claudio GarzónClaudio Garzón, octopus from plastic trash

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