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How an Art Teacher Can Promote Creative Ethical and Fair Trade Products

Creative and Ethical Products

This entrepreneur art teacher is on a mission to promote creative, beautiful and ethical products to the public. I am going to be interviewed  on Kathy Irelands’ Life, Health & Style show. This  is a great opportunity to bring even more awareness to the public about our mission.

My green business, The Green Seahorse, advocates for a greener environment and greener lifestyle - by shopping ethically and by opting for fair trade products.  We want to put the word out there that there are options for us to be gentler to the environment – especially on the way we shop and consume.  The public needs to know where or how to find these creative, beautiful, ethical products and more importantly, why we need to support these fair trade products.

Being an artsy mom, I immediately saw the beauty and creativity in these products and because I have always been an eco-activist I was immediately drawn to the fact that these are eco-friendly as well.  Since then, I have always been passionate about promoting ethical shopping through The Green Seahorse.  We believe that one can be stylish and hip and eco-friendly all at the same.

An Opportunity for an Eco-activist Art Teacher Turned Entrepreneur Mom

This eco-activist art teacher turned entrepreneur mom is passionate about protecting the environment, arts and creating a sustainable business.  And getting invited to Kathy Ireland’s Life, Health and Style Show is a huge opportunity to promote the business and bring education to the public.  I hope to inspire people not just to live a greener lifestyle but to dare dreaming and aspire for those dreams.  For this stay at home artsy mom, that dream has turned into reality.

Being a working mother myself I feel the connection to Miss Kathy Ireland who is such an inspiration to women all over the world, especially to mothers who would like to take on their dreams and make it happen for themselves as well.  She’s a living proof that one can be what she aspires to become with hard work and dedication.

I can’t wait to meet her in person, I am very confident that we truly embodied what the show is all about – life, health and style, so I’m really looking forward to hearing what she has to say about The Green Seahorse.  We’re all set to bring green goodness and fun to the show and make our very first TV debut.  I know that it’s going to be an unforgettable and learning experience – and another milestone for The Green Seahorse!

Artsy Green Goodness!

As consumers, we can demand for creative, beautiful, ethical products in the market world.  One can be stylish and hip without hurting the environment.  Keep in mind that everything is correlated, if we support fair trade products, we’re not only supporting the conservation and protection of the environment but the very people behind these products.  These artsy and creative fair trade products are the life line for developing communities for a more sustainable future.  So, let’s shop ethically. Be creative and see the beauty in everything that is made eco-friendly.

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