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Using Scrap To Create Green Art

Creating Art from Scrap

Creating art benefits not just your well being but even your physical body as well.  Through writing, music, dancing or visual arts, you can express yourself – your emotions, your visions. It gives you the freedom and peace from within that radiate into your physical being – hence, art is important in our life.

[caption id="attachment_376" align="alignright" width="250"]Using Scrap To Create Green Art 2 Made from steel drums by Haitian craftspeople.[/caption]

Having said that, not everybody is given the opportunity to be provided with the materials they need to express their creativity.  I t can be due to financial constraints or inaccessibility. In San Francisco alone, not all schools have the funding to support art education for the children.  And I cannot stress enough the importance of providing art education to our youths today. With all the distraction from electronic gadgets that is monopolizing their waking hours, they do need art to let them discover their other potentials outside of their virtual world.

Artists, like myself, need to have a way to express ourselves, to channel out all the creativity that is inherent in us.  Being the creative person that we are, we simply cannot contain that without causing imbalance in our life.

Arts supplies stores may not always be an option to a lot of people because of financial constraints and it’ll be a shame to hinder your creativity development just because you’re lacking the materials.  It’s a good thing though that art is everywhere!  It does need a little extra creativity to see that there are arts in scrap, yes, in trash.  It’s physically there, waiting to be pick up and collected and waiting to be piece together.

SCRAP: the place to go

To create art from scrap found in your house is cool, to find all sort of scraps in one place is even cooler!  Yep, such a place exist.  Anne Marie Theilen saw the need for resources to make art education possible for the students and for other artists as well in San Francisco, California.  This gave birth to SCRAP in 1976.

[caption id="attachment_378" align="aligncenter" width="540"]SCRAP Image courtesy of www.scrap-sf.org[/caption]

This non-profit creative reuse center, material depot and workshop space made creating art from scrap possible!  Low-cost materials and supplies are now more accessible to artists, teachers, parents and organizations. SCRAP provided the community not just the resources but the opportunity to learn and pass on the value of creative reuse. The famed sculptor artist Ruth Asawa was President Emeritus of SCRAP.

To Upcycle is to Create Art

[caption id="attachment_377" align="alignleft" width="250"]Using Scrap To Create Green Art 3 Made from recycled tin can and copper wire, accented with colorful Maasai beads.[/caption]

Now a day, so many things have become easily replaceable that people oftentimes just throw it away and replace it with something new – from household items to home furniture to office supplies.  Before we even knew it we have successfully participated in further polluting our planet earth. We can make a change; let’s make it a habit to upcycle – to upcycle is to create art.

It takes imagination and creativity to re-shape or re-fashion an item to fit its new purpose.  Workings from scraps not only give you the opportunity to challenge yourself to give it a new life but you’re also contributing in saving the environment as well.

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