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Top 3 Reasons Why I Love Being an Artist

I’m very passionate about art; I have a degree in Fine Arts and even completed a Masteral Program around the same time that I’m starting my own family.  It was quite a challenge, and I can honestly say that it was not easy – but it’s all worth it!

Being able to be there for my kids on their formative years while keeping in touch with my passion for arts is undeniably one of the best decisions I made ever. I was an art teacher for more than 20 years and also do artworks using different media – so basically my life revolve around arts.  It’s very much a part of who I am really, I breathe art and I love being an artist!

Here are the top 3 reasons why I love being an artist:

A Passionate Life

I’m a strong believer that keeping your passions in life alive makes you a better person.  It brings out the best in you.  You become this person that can affect other people positively.  You become a source of joy and hope.

a passionate life

Probably you’re thinking that keeping in touch with life’s passion is the last thing we can afford to think of considering that we’re all so caught up with our jobs, making a living and other mundane thing that have taken control over our life completely.

But I truly believe that anchoring everything else in your life with your passion will ultimately bring focus and balance.  When you’re passionate about something you make things happen – even things you probably thought you won’t be able to do now feels you can easily accomplish.   Problems or trials or challenges become bearable if not easy.  You see things more clearly.  You make things happen.

A Life in Focus and in Balance

life in focus

For me, channeling my passion for art brings my life in focus and in balance – especially when I became an artist entrepreneur.  It actually paves the way towards freedom for me.  I can honestly say that I’ve regained control of my life living it the way I have always wanted to – spending quality time with my family, traveling to different places, nurturing meaningful relationships, creating a sustainable life and of course creating arts!

When I decided that I’m going to empower myself and break free from whatever it is that is dragging me down to unhappiness – I found my inner strength, the superwoman in me – and started making changes in my life.

These are not easy changes and I even faced harder choices along the way.  I kept going anyway because it was clear to me that arts will always be (and have always been) a part of my life. That I know for sure.  I muster the strength to delve into the business world, a world that is foreign for me, but it didn’t discourage me - I persevered instead!

Opportunities to Create Changes

passion changes everythingOnce you regained freedom in life, you simply feel the confidence that you can create changes that can ultimately change the world. Being an artist entrepreneur allows me to harness my passion in arts and green living to come up with a sustainable business.  I believe that I successfully found the right formula to create income by keeping the artist in me, raising awareness about protecting and conserving the environment and reaching out to other artist or artisans.  Suffice to say, creativity simply pours when you’re locked in focus to achieve an objective or mission.

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