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How to Be Creative and Green

Keep in mind that art changes people and people change the world, so you can get creatively green through meaningful arts project to raise environmental awareness to the public especially to young children.

Art Teacher Turned Entrepreneur

How an Artsy Entrepreneur Mom Turns Dream into Reality

I’m an artist, an entrepreneur and most importantly, a mom of two.  How I’m managing all that is something I’m more than willing to share.  I have an art degree and even completed my Masters in Fine Arts in Rhode Island School of Design but that took a back seat when I put my family first.  I realized early on that caring for my small son is my priority and since industrial arts – glass, ceramics and mixed media - don’t quite make a safe environment around children.  I knew then that I will have to compromise.   I have to find a way to still connect to my passion in arts and be an artist while I embraced motherhood head on.

The Dream Lives On

I then became an art teacher and thought for 25 years  - by teaching arts I was able to make myself available for my son’s growing years (and eventually for my daughter’s) while continuously improving professionally.   Teaching arts to small children is a fulfilling job.  I get to educate these little kids and help nurture their development.  An even better trade is that it allows me to still be the mom and wife to my own growing family.


After years of being an art teacher, I found my passion for other things aside from visual arts; I became passionate about caring for the environment and living sustainably.  At around the same time I’m also finding it rather interesting to create a sustainable business that will help me find more time both for my family and for myself.

My newly found passion lead me to a different direction and I then found myself learning the hoops about business, drop shipping and artisans from different parts of the world.  Yes, I dared to dream until this art teacher turned entrepreneur mom was able to connect and stitch it all together - green, arts and business.  These, coupled with hard work and dedication gave birth to The Green Seahorse.

A Green Business

The Green Seahorse is a green business certified under Green America’s rigorous standards.  It is committed to making organic and fair trade products available to the public.  I came up with this online eco friendly business because I want to raise awareness about green shopping as well as stress the importance of being a conscious consumer.  I recognize the fact that it’s about time we all start caring about the impact of our shopping habits to the environment, to other people and to the world in general.  We have to know the real cost of the product we are buying and consciously decide if the price we’re paying is really worth it.  We have to hold ourselves accountable for the choices we’re making when purchasing – and through this green business I want to raise awareness that we have the option to choose green and become more eco-friendly.


Green Art from Scrap

Creating art benefits not just your well being but even your physical body as well.  Through writing, music, dancing or visual arts, you can express yourself –
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