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Using Scrap To Create Green Art

Arts supplies stores may not always be an option to a lot of people because of financial constraints and it’ll be a shame to hinder your creativity development just because you’re lacking the materials. It’s a good thing though that art is everywhere! It does need a little extra creativity to see that there are arts in scrap, yes, in trash.
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Plastic Trash into Work of Art

It’s great to have artist like Claudio Garzón who turns plastic trash into works of art. Yes, this amazing artist chooses to create green artworks. For Claudio Garzón, the whole idea is not just creating recyclable arts but to educate as well.

How to Be Creative and Green

Keep in mind that art changes people and people change the world, so you can get creatively green through meaningful arts project to raise environmental awareness to the public especially to young children.
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