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The name is a combination of the word Terrain and the phrase, To Rain. In order for our earth to be fruitful, rain must fall. Just as in life, usually progress takes place in light of a fall. Torrain symbolizes this rise and fall by recycling old hazardous materials into new, vibrant products.In 2009, while visiting a night market in Cambodia, Nyla Jano noticed the recycled materials and met the wonderful Cambodian woman. They discussed the opportunity for Nyla to design her own products which, the artisans would then produce in the comfort of their communities. Upon learning the backstory of the artisans and the recycled materials, Nyla became inspired to create TORRAIN; a company that contributes to Cambodian artisans’ well being while encouraging style with a global conscience. 

Nyla’s designs are ever-evolving and she is currently developing a USA-Made line of recycled bags as well.    


dZIdZi Handmade Designs provides economic stability, safe working conditions and living wages for over 300 felt and knit artisans living in the Kathmandu valley. A partnership with the talented artisan groups that produce Fair Trade began in 1999. Over the years they have worked together to create fun and unique hats, scarves, bags, toys, dolls, ornaments and holiday stockings using traditional knitting and felting techniques. Wild Woolies Felt Birdhouse - Cosmos and Goldfinch

Hand Made ExpressionsHandmade Expressions is an independent Fair Trade company and member of the Fair Trade Federation, offering a wide variety of Fair Trade products made in India. Handmade Expressions partners with disadvantaged artisan communities in India, providing them with sustainable employment and fair wages to help improve their economic and social standings. Along with providing sustainable employment to improve the economic and social standings of these communities, Handmade Expressions sponsors community development projects to improve services such as healthcare and education in rural areas. The artisans aim to be environmentally-responsible by using as many recycled, reused, and natural materials and processes as they can.  Mirage Scarf olive

NoahsArkAn NGO, Noah’s Ark Handicrafts & Artisan Welfare Society, was created in 2000 to advance the charitable activities of the organization, which now include clean water, education, health and capacity building initiatives. Through our work, we give an identity to the artisan’s craft and help them to appreciate the value of their products while ensuring they have the skills and resources to succeed in a changing market. Like the biblical story of Noah’s Ark, that symbolizes the concept of saving mankind, they strive to save the art of making handicrafts. Iron Diamond Door Knocker 

Bethlehem-Fair-Trade-ArtisansBethlehem Fair Trade Artisans is a not-for-profit Palestinian NGO created in 2009 by local community members that works with the Bethlehem handicraft community. Committed to fair trade principles with a desire to bring fair prices and working conditions to every handicraft producer in the West Bank and Bethlehem area. They are working towards the formation of an Arab Fair Trade Forum and work closely with many other fair trade organizations locally and abroad with the common goal of bringing fair trade to Palestine. Olive Wood Nativity with Bell, Angel, Tree and Star

The artisans at Craftworks Cambodia skillfully mold the reclaimed brass into these unique jewelry pieces. Living in an underprivileged community approximately 30 minutes from Phnom Penh, Cambodia, artisans use bullet shells and bomb casings left over from conflicts three decades ago to make beautiful jewelry. With the support of Craftworks Cambodia, the artisans generate an income that will provide their families and their communities the chance for a better future, make a fair wage for their work, and receive support for education and training in their community.

Leaf Bomb Casing Pendant

CFMCFM, Community Friendly Movement is a social enterprise based out of New Delhi, India whose mission is to create income for its primary stakeholders, artisan communities in rural India, by working directly with the community, reducing the number of levels in the chain, and increasing the sustainable income of the individual. In addition to international marketing support, CFM trains groups on the importance of quality, enabling producers to create high quality, internationally-marketable goods.  Paper Mache Dove Greens

Conserve India

Born of a desire to reduce India's mountain of waste, improve energy efficiency, and help some of Delhi's poorest out of the city's slums, Conserve India achieves all this by turning plastic bags into high fashion. Breeda Wave bag

The Starfish Project restores hope toStarfish Project exploited women in every city in the world. In 2006 a small group of friends began to reach out to the ones who live in our city. We began going into the the streets to visit the girls in the shops.  Week after week we continue spending time chatting with them, taking them out for coffee, throwing birthday parties, and even giving English lessons. We have seen their doubts diminish and friendship begin to grow in its place.Over time, some of  the girls have come to trust us enough to leave their old life and come into our shelter. Our shelter is not meant to be a permanent residence. Our desire is to see the girls transformed through a loving community. The women in our shelter receive regular counseling where they begin to heal from their past hurts.We provide for them work as alternative means of support, medical checks and consultation, as well as vocational classes to prepare them for the future.Mother of Pearl Bracelet- Various Colors

 Working with over 60 artisan groups, ThaiCraft brings together diverse backgrounds and cultures from all regions of Thailand. They generate a fair income for village artisans while keeping alive craft traditions, creating thousands of fine hand-crafted products, including jewelry, clothing, fabrics, household items, basketry, decorations, stationery, musical instruments, learning games and more. Some groups focus on, or include, people with special needs. Some others face social, political or environmental difficulties. The rest include village cooperatives, slum projects, and small community workshops. All partners know about and are expected to follow Fair Trade practices and keep to internationally recognized standards of working behavior and responsibility.  Thai Silver Petal Bracelet


threadsofyunninLaunched in 1999, Threads of Yunnanis a project designed to raise the standard of living among the people of Yunnan Province through rural economic development. Women of the Han, Lisu, Miao and Yi Chinese minority groups make authentic embroideries and handicrafts unique to their districts. The company Danyun helps them to promote and market these items.

With this project, the women are able to use their skills and creativity to raise their self-esteem and to earn money. They are provided an opportunity to break out of the cycle of poverty which grips the mountain villages. Danyun also provides training in nutrition, hygiene, money management and personal and family development. Hand Embroidered Green Dog

World FindsWorldFinds pieces are handmade by low-income women artisans in India, who are improving their lives through their work in a women’s cooperative. Designed and imported by a Fair Trade Organizations who support the development of the communities they work with.    Ombre Teal Threaded Chain Cuff

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